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Sunday, December 17, 2017

JCER League 2018 - New rules!

 JCER League 2018 - New rules

1. New temp - 60' 

2. 10 leagues (TOP 100 JCER Rating)

3. 2 engines promoted, 2 engines demoted

4. New JCER rating - P'60

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Chess engine: CiChess 1.8 161217

CiChess 1.8_ 16217 - download

Chess engine: Texel 1.08a5

Texel - UCI Chess engines

Author - Peter Osterlund

Rating JCER=3013

Texel 1.08a5 download

Chess engine: Cfish 161217

Rating JCER=3353

Cfish 161217 - download

BrainFish 171212 wins JCER Test Tournament, 2017.12.11 - 2017.12.15

Temp 3' + 3" Hardware: Intel Core i3-3217U CPU 3,9 GB Memory , Windows 10 x64
480 Tournament games, GUI-Arena 3.5.1161.651 JCER games,  until 31.12.2016
64.860 JCER games (from 01.01.2017)  JCER League
Book: Perfect 2017,   Table created - Scid vs PC

Ethereal 8.61 - UCI chess engine. New version!

Ethereal - UCI chess engine

Rating JCER=2726

Author - Andy Grant

Ethereal 8.61 - download

Chess Engine: BrainFish 171212 and book: Cerebellum Light 171212

BrainFish - UCI chess engine
JCER Rating=3378

Information from the author:
Brainfish is a standard Stockfish chess engine extended by a general book format that is capable of handling a reduced part of Cerebellum, which is an innovative chess opening and playing book. In Brainfish, the book moves are only used in engine games, not in analysis mode.

All moves in the published book Cerebellum_light.bin generated by Cerebellum were calculated by using
Stockfish as analysis engine, without using statistics. Then those moves where recalulated by the Cerebellum Library using a graph algorithm that makes all scores in the library consistant. Consistant scores means for example, in case the starting position has a score of 0.2 and a best move is 1.e4, the position after 1.e4 must have the score -0.2. Additionally, some others properties are found, like the best main line of a position and possible Transitions.

Hence, when Brainfish is playing moves that are in the Cerebellum book, it plays like Stockfish regarding the evaluation, only at a much higher skill level. Pondering is only active after the last move out of the book has been played.

The lines in Cerebellum_light.bin are in some cases reaching the late middlegame and endgame.
BrainFish is licensed unter the GPL, which includes the access code to the general book format.

Cerebellum Light 171212 - download   BrainFish 171212 - download

Houdini 6 wins JCER Test Tournament, 2017.12.09 - 2017.12.13

Temp 3' + 3" Hardware: Intel Core i7-4710MQ with 7,9 GB Memory , Windows 10 64-bit
396 Tournament games, GUI-Arena 3.5.1161.651 JCER games - until 31.12.2016
64.860 JCER games (from 01.01.2017)  JCER League
Book: Perfect 2017,     Games, engines, book - download    Table created - Scid vs PC

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Chess engine: Raubfisch X37a

Raubfisch is an engine derived from Stockfish and Torpedo 1.1 XJR (private engine by Frank Karl Werner and Max Fehler)

Rating JCER - 3388

Raubfisch X37a - download

Stockfish 17121115 - new version!

Stockfish, chess engine UCI

Rating JCER = 3389
🔬 Author: Alain SAVARD

Timestamp: 1513002464 

Simplify other checks #1334 

Simplify the other check penalty computation. Compared to current master, 

a) it uses a 143 kingDanger penalty instead of S(10, 10) for the "otherCheck" (credits to ElbertoOne for finding a suitable kingDanger range to replace the score and to Guardian for showing this could also be a neutral change at LTC). 
This makes our king safety model more consistent and simpler. 

b) it might also score more than one "otherCheck" penalty for a given piece type instead of just one 

c) it might score many pinned penalties instead of just one. 

d) It also remove 3 conditionals and uses simpler expressions. 
So it was tested as a SPRT[-3, 1] 

Passed STC 
LLR: 2.96 (-2.94,2.94) [-3.00,1.00] 
Total: 11705 W: 2217 L: 2080 D: 7408 

And LTC 
LLR: 2.94 (-2.94,2.94) [-3.00,1.00] 
Total: 26812 W: 3575 L: 3463 D: 19774 

Trying to improve on b) another attempt was made to score also the "otherchecks" for piece types which had some safe checks, but this failed STC 

bench: 5149133 

⭐⭐⭐   Stockfish 17121115 - download